A Simple Favor


A Simple Favor, a story of two scandalous women with insane secrets, two five year old boys I am legitimately afraid for, and one not too bright husband. The book is told from three perspectives, giving us a slight Rashomon vibe. There are also some serious Gone Girl influences.

Gone Girl Amy Emily calls up her bestie, Stephanie, asking her to pick up her son Nicky after school. She’s working late and will pick him up afterwards. But surprise! Emily never shows up. She pops smoke and is MIA.

Stephanie, the blogger, posts about her BFF’s disappearance and in the meantime does what she thinks Emily would want her to do. Which is to take care of Emily’s husband, Sean, and Nicky. In ways a wife and mother would.

I only slightly liked the book. The cons of the book outweigh the pros. And the ending…a bit ambiguous.

The Cons:

  1. The adult main characters are extremely unlikable. They make terrible choices. And I don’t mean they had innocent lapses in judgment (although the characters would like you to think that), they KNEW they were making the wrong choices but said, ‘hey, fuck it, YOLO!’ Their committment to do the wrong thing was strong.
  2. Some situations hinged on other situations to be succesful. Basically, a major plot point foreshadowed in Part One fell into place a little too conveniently during Part Two.

The Pros:

  1. I mean, it managed to keep my attention for most of the time. I hit a bit of a lull for two whole days so nothing too major.
  2. They made a movie! For those who haven’t read the book may get a bit confused when watching the trailer. But just in case, know that this is in the same vein of Gone Girl.

So, I will definitely be at my local theater on 9/14 sipping on a drink and chowing down on Starburst and Reese’s PB Cups because I seriously need better closure than what the book provided me.


Sharp Objects 2.0

They have created a miniseries of this book! I was stoked to hear about it and was ready! I read the book about two years ago and even wrote a small little post about it back in the day.

I waited until the series was done so that I now have the pleasure to binge watch due to unfortunately not having HBO anymore. I watched the first episode last night and YES!! I’m in love! This night owl started it at 11.30 at night though so I have not commenced the binge watching yet.

To Be Continued…

Dark Matter review – Blake Crouch

THIS was pretty damn amazing. Again, the fact that it took me forever to finish it does not reflect the content. I just happen to be a busy person who needs to steal moments here and there to finish anything.

Maybe some slight spoilers ahead…

I’m having difficulties labeling this as straight sci-fi or a love story.

Jason is a professor who gets kidnapped and knocked out. When he comes to, he’s still Jason, but a different version of himself. He then travels the multi-verse attempting to get back home, to his family, his original version of life.

In his different lives, he finds some version of his wife and his college friend. But it’s never quite his wife. During the first part of his journey, he’s accompanied by a woman named Amanda. Honestly, when they make the movie (which they still better be making), I can absolutely see her character getting cut as she adds no real value to the plot. There are two things she helped Jason with but I could see Jason doing/realizing these things on his own.

The pacing of the book is quick, I felt like I was racing right along from life to life with Jason as well as page to page. The characters are real. You want Jason to find his real life, his timeline. There is a plot twist that although while I didn’t see coming, didn’t actually feel like a plot twist. It probably won’t feel like one if you’ve seen any type of time traveling movies. After the twist was revealed, I actually felt some sympathy for the “new” characters.

Is there a happy ending? It’s an ambiguous ending for sure.

It’s mos def worth the time and emotion you’ll spend. Buy it! Borrow it from the library or a friend! I’m crossing my fingers for a movie adaptation.

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

So, I’m currently reading this book and what can I say? It popped up on a couple different must read lists a while ago and I guess you can say I’m jumping on the bandwagon…

“Better late than never” ← my motto. One of them anyway.

I’ve had this book for three weeks and recently had to renew it from the library for another three. The amount of time does not reflect the content of the book in this case unlike this book I actually own which has literally been taking me years to read.

Seriously…I began reading it in 2005 or 6…

Anywho, Dark Matter is pretty good so far. I especially appreciate the pacing, it doesn’t take chapters to get going and I can see this all going down in my head. When I’m actually finished reading the rest of the book, I’ll come back to write out a proper review!

Must set a reminder on my phone now seeing as how bad I am at updating. But need I remind you of the above motto?

Dark Times

I stumbled across this last night and almost deleted it. I hold myself back with my writing sometimes because I don’t want to feel the emotions or remember the memories that generated these little pieces.

After my second read through though, I realized that I didn’t fall. I was able to hold on and I am now on the other side of the chasm.


I’m standing at the edge of that dark abyss.  I’m trying to back away slowly but I can feel the ground sinking. If I move too quickly, it’ll give way. If I move too slowly, the ground becomes quicksand, trapping me. Both ensure an inevitable death.

I don’t make it far because I now feel an anchor holding me in place. I’m frantically trying to pry it off. Only a few feet ahead, I see the edge making its way toward me.

And then…the edge meets the anchor.

I twist around, furiously reaching out for anything I can hold on to. My legs go over the edge. My hands find something. My stomach and my chest are swallowed by the darkness.
I’m clinging on with every fiber in my being. The anchor pulling harder and harder.  My hands ache and are slipping.

Haikus are kind of my thing…

Apparently, I’m really bad at blogging but what I AM great at are haikus. Sure, some are silly, others are stupid, and a couple are pretty intense but they are all fun to write!

Not happy with them
They both will ruin us all
We’re all freaking doomed

Heart’s stopped, breath, taken
Tell me what he did to you
Tears and rage pour out

Within you, I see:
Hope, Happiness, and True Love.
You must see it too