I am a mother of three strange but awesome little people who all mistakenly believe they’re in charge.  Sometimes though, I let them control the van radio or the tv show at night.

When I’m not being subjected to the torture that is Radio for Kids on Pandora or one of the many kid tv channels, I take in as much non-kid music and tv programming that I can. Especially horror…I’m a HUGE fan of all things horror.

For as long as I’ve remembered, I’ve wanted to be a writer. I wrote and read all the time. In the car, at restaurants, and at school in classes (I pretended to write notes but really, I was working on the next best-selling novel).

Then life happened. I had less and less time to write and read. But now, here I am, working at bringing my inner writer out again. I’ve been starting off slow, maybe a little TOO slow, but better late than never, eh?


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