A Simple Favor


A Simple Favor, a story of two scandalous women with insane secrets, two five year old boys I am legitimately afraid for, and one not too bright husband. The book is told from three perspectives, giving us a slight Rashomon vibe. There are also some serious Gone Girl influences.

Gone Girl Amy Emily calls up her bestie, Stephanie, asking her to pick up her son Nicky after school. She’s working late and will pick him up afterwards. But surprise! Emily never shows up. She pops smoke and is MIA.

Stephanie, the blogger, posts about her BFF’s disappearance and in the meantime does what she thinks Emily would want her to do. Which is to take care of Emily’s husband, Sean, and Nicky. In ways a wife and mother would.

I only slightly liked the book. The cons of the book outweigh the pros. And the ending…a bit ambiguous.

The Cons:

  1. The adult main characters are extremely unlikable. They make terrible choices. And I don’t mean they had innocent lapses in judgment (although the characters would like you to think that), they KNEW they were making the wrong choices but said, ‘hey, fuck it, YOLO!’ Their committment to do the wrong thing was strong.
  2. Some situations hinged on other situations to be succesful. Basically, a major plot point foreshadowed in Part One fell into place a little too conveniently during Part Two.

The Pros:

  1. I mean, it managed to keep my attention for most of the time. I hit a bit of a lull for two whole days so nothing too major.
  2. They made a movie! For those who haven’t read the book may get a bit confused when watching the trailer. But just in case, know that this is in the same vein of Gone Girl.

So, I will definitely be at my local theater on 9/14 sipping on a drink and chowing down on Starburst and Reese’s PB Cups because I seriously need better closure than what the book provided me.