Dark Matter review – Blake Crouch

THIS was pretty damn amazing. Again, the fact that it took me forever to finish it does not reflect the content. I just happen to be a busy person who needs to steal moments here and there to finish anything.

Maybe some slight spoilers ahead…

I’m having difficulties labeling this as straight sci-fi or a love story.

Jason is a professor who gets kidnapped and knocked out. When he comes to, he’s still Jason, but a different version of himself. He then travels the multi-verse attempting to get back home, to his family, his original version of life.

In his different lives, he finds some version of his wife and his college friend. But it’s never quite his wife. During the first part of his journey, he’s accompanied by a woman named Amanda. Honestly, when they make the movie (which they still better be making), I can absolutely see her character getting cut as she adds no real value to the plot. There are two things she helped Jason with but I could see Jason doing/realizing these things on his own.

The pacing of the book is quick, I felt like I was racing right along from life to life with Jason as well as page to page. The characters are real. You want Jason to find his real life, his timeline. There is a plot twist that although while I didn’t see coming, didn’t actually feel like a plot twist. It probably won’t feel like one if you’ve seen any type of time traveling movies. After the twist was revealed, I actually felt some sympathy for the “new” characters.

Is there a happy ending? It’s an ambiguous ending for sure.

It’s mos def worth the time and emotion you’ll spend. Buy it! Borrow it from the library or a friend! I’m crossing my fingers for a movie adaptation.


Haikus are kind of my thing…

Apparently, I’m really bad at blogging but what I AM great at are haikus. Sure, some are silly, others are stupid, and a couple are pretty intense but they are all fun to write!

Not happy with them
They both will ruin us all
We’re all freaking doomed

Heart’s stopped, breath, taken
Tell me what he did to you
Tears and rage pour out

Within you, I see:
Hope, Happiness, and True Love.
You must see it too

My new project/challenge

I have been scouring over Pinterest and Google for fun projects/challenges.  I’m not incredibly artsy so I’m trying to stick to either writing or photo challenges.  I’m trying to reignite the creative spark that seems to have gone out when I wasn’t looking.

I was told earlier this week that it’s impressive of me to be able to throw a poem together the night before it’s due and still manage to get great feedback on it.  I’ll be the first to say that I’m a terrible poet.  But I’ve decided to make that my challenge.  I’m going to write a poem a day.  More specifically, a haiku a day.  For how long, who knows how long I’ll be able to keep this up but I have no choice but to try. And so my first crack at it is as follows:

Silly little boy
Making messes, applesauce
Crying out he’s done