Adventures in Kava

Upon the recommendation of my twin, JJ, I decided to delve into the world that is Kava for a couple moments. I’d never heard of the stuff but it’s made an impression on JJ and so, he ordered some from Amazon and I patiently waited for it to show up in my mailbox. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long.


For those who don’t know what Kava is, good ol Wiki can help out. I don’t know what I expected to see when I opened up the packet and JJ did let me know it looks like dirt but I guess I expected something a little more spectacular.

JJ gave me the instructions on how he prepares his Kava and I was off! Unfortunately, I think I somehow messed mine up.


As you can see, I made a mess but at the time, perfection knows no bounds. Where I think I messed up at is in the kneading part. I saw on a YouTube video that if it feels oily, you’re golden. So, that’s what I did, kneaded until it felt oily.


When all was said and done and with the addition of a bunch of coffee creamer (I was forced to improvise due to lacking anything better) and sugar, the moment of truth had arrived.

JJ warned me that it’d have a bit of a bite. He did not warn me that it tastes like licorice. Black licorice to be exact. A flavor I loathe and detest. The creamer and sugar clearly did not help. I ended up having to drink it bit by bit the same way someone knocks back a shot.

I was told that Kava would make me feel super relaxed. I kept likening it to the feeling of being buzzed. However, it didn’t feel like that. My body did feel heavy and I was definitely relaxed and it made me feel sleepy. Unfortunately for me, the sleepiness passed quickly. I felt as though I had to take a drink every five minutes just to maintain my level of relaxation.

This is how far I made it before an unexpected phone call stole me away from Netflix and my Kava adventure.


Okay, so it’s difficult to tell, but the mug is still about a quarter full. The rest of the batch is still chillin in my fridge.


I don’t know how this works, I don’t know if it’s still good to even consume. Honestly, I’m afraid to drink the rest of it.

I will absolutely drink Kava again but I will make sure I’ve prepared it properly next time.