Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

So, I’m currently reading this book and what can I say? It popped up on a couple different must read lists a while ago and I guess you can say I’m jumping on the bandwagon…

“Better late than never” ← my motto. One of them anyway.

I’ve had this book for three weeks and recently had to renew it from the library for another three. The amount of time does not reflect the content of the book in this case unlike this book I actually own which has literally been taking me years to read.

Seriously…I began reading it in 2005 or 6…

Anywho, Dark Matter is pretty good so far. I especially appreciate the pacing, it doesn’t take chapters to get going and I can see this all going down in my head. When I’m actually finished reading the rest of the book, I’ll come back to write out a proper review!

Must set a reminder on my phone now seeing as how bad I am at updating. But need I remind you of the above motto?